Don’t Worry – Just Gyokuro With It…

It’s hard for me to narrow a favorite Anything anymore…I went from someone who could find something positive in anything (I’m American) to a constant weigher of pros and cons (my spouse is a Brit) so needless to say, I’ve become a bit more discerning over the years 🙂 So like the Greek goddess Themis, IContinue reading “Don’t Worry – Just Gyokuro With It…”

Today’s Brew: Townshend’s Tea Company – No. 3 Assam (Irish Breakfast)

As described, malty and robust…a delicate honey finish (not at all pronounced like the Beautiful Taiwan Tea Company’s Honey Black – sublime). A must with dairy as it is super sharp without it. The milk makes it a kinder-gentler assam which is not overtly tannin-y. Brew and enjoy!

Today’s Brew: Simpson & Vail’s Assam – Beesakopie Estate

Brisk and citrus – sharp and astringent – without the milk, of course. But upon adding a nice dollop of milk, it seemed as if the milk fats and sugars coaxed out all the malty-goodness that was hiding in this tea. Warm cocoa flavors did not overwhelm the flavor the malt but provided a nutty backdropContinue reading “Today’s Brew: Simpson & Vail’s Assam – Beesakopie Estate”