I Heart Hario

My Hario fulfills all my secret wanna-be mad scientist desires – deeply suppressed since my “Real Genius” days…

I am the proud owner of a Hario Largo Tea Dripper, 800mL which sits on a VSS-1T Acrylic Stand, and draws down into a V60 Range Server. I brew all my black and green teas in my Hario…I save my oolongs for another brewer of mine…

My Hario Set-up

In my Hario, I can see all the leaves essentially do their thing – unfurl and open up in response to the heat and agitation (hand done by me and my stainless steel chopstick). I feel very scientific… I even use a beaker to get the precise amount of water 🙂

Art of Tea’s Mandarin Silk

Drawing down the tea into the Range Server just takes 20 seconds to complete and the simple ball bearing system meaning that the moving parts (that which breaks down) are few and very, very functional…

Hario Bits and Pieces

I added the Hario Coffee Drip Scale/Timer sometime into my Hario use. Unfortunately, the timer only counts up which helps me not at all; however, the scale allows me to add the exact amount of tea (grams only). Yes, I measure my tea.

Despite it’s clinical appeal, I do appreciate the clean lines and unabashed lack of ornateness which allows me to simply appreciate the tea in the end. There isn’t any “shabby chic” nor “cozy cute” with Hario – an aesthetic I truly appreciate.