Water is important.

Just stating the obvious- for tea, all you need are leaves and water. And nowadays (as everything old is new again – you don’t even need HOT water to brew tea).

I use a Big Berkey water filter to purify my water…I have tried the Brita systems but honestly it cannot compare to the Berkey. It can treat RAW water from lakes, streams as well as treated (but suspect) water abroad. Ergo, it’s popular with NGOs doing work in the field.

Tall and proud Berkey…

Berkey claims that it purifies out of your water: bacteria, cysts, pesticides, herbicides, parasites, VOCs, organic solvents, radon 222, and trihalomethanes. You can also significantly reduce nitrates nitrites and minerals such as lead and mercury. Lots of nasty stuff..but what does it taste like?

In my opinion, it doesn’t strip the water at all neither leaving it flat nor uninteresting. The water still tastes pretty lively. It’s clean, clear and fresh – the perfect transparent vehicle for my tea leaves.

So when it comes to simply just removing chlorine and particle contaminates here in dirty Gotham – it does the trick…

Berkey states that their black filters can remove food coloring from water – not that I’ve tried…
Can you see the dirty water line?

It’s a stand-alone, non-electric, gravity-fed system (lots of hyphenation). Just fill it and drink away. A final plus is that the water is somewhat cool in the summer because of the stainless steel housing.

The only problem I have with my Berkey is keeping it filled in my busy home.

Nothing that a four hour repeat reminder on my phone won’t fix 😜

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Drinking Tea (mostly) in the Big Bad City

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